Learn How To Dye Your Jeans Quickly And Easily

Colored jeans in plus sizes can sometimes be difficult to find because there is such a limited quantity of them available. Fortunately, dying jeans is not very difficult to do and something that you can do in a single afternoon.

Find your favorite pair of great fitting jeans and use the following guide to learn how to transform them into a bright and bold statement piece of clothing:

Choose Your Dye

Most big box stores carry clothing dye in an assortment of colors. When you are choosing the dye that you want to use, you first need to consider the shade of denim you plan to dye. Darker denim colors can only be dyed to a lighter color if you use bleach to remove their color first.

Many people choose to simply buy lighter shades of denim to dye light colors to make the process a bit easier. All dye colors require the same process for dying your jeans so choose any color to create the unique look you want.

Create a Dye Bath

Fill a large plastic storage tub half-full of water while it is sitting in your bathtub. Add the dye to the tub a few drops at a time until you reach the color you want your jeans to be. You will be dying your jeans for ten to twenty minutes, depending on how deep you want the color to be when you are done.

If you leave the dye in your bathtub for that long, it could soak into the pores of the finish and dye the color of your tub. Once you have let the jeans soak for as long as you want them to, pull them out of the tub and rinse them thoroughly in the tub so that the dye goes directly down the drain as you rinse them. Once the water runs clear, you are done with the rinsing process.

Wash and Dry the Jeans

Once you have rinsed the jeans, you want to toss them in the washing machine and wash them as if you normally would. The only difference with this step is that you want to wash them by themselves. This is to ensure that no dye gets on any of your other pieces of clothing. After washing the jeans, you can dry them as if you normally would.

Once you have finished with your jeans, you will be ready to strut your stuff in style. Since the process takes just a few hours to do, you could do many different pairs of color denim jeans over the course of a weekend to give yourself a unique and fun wardrobe update. 

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