How To Boost Your Teen's Self Esteem

The teen years certainly seem to be years filled with contrasts. One one hand, most teenagers have the luxury of having good adults who take good care of them. On the other hand, the same teenagers want to have their independence. They are often self conscious regarding every aspect of their lives, and while they are establishing their own identity, they still want to fit in with their peers. A good rule for you to follow as parents is to try to put yourselves in your child's place and to help them to see their own self worth.

Teen's Talents - Help your children to recognize their own potential. Are they creative? Perhaps art lessons, cake decorating classes, or classes in graphic design would help them to develop that creative gift. Are they musical? If so, encourage music lessons or help your child form a garage band. Are they nurturing? Consider letting those children go to the Red Cross baby sitting certification course. Another idea is to be a volunteer in a hospital.

Teen's Appearance - It's true that beauty is skin deep, but, of course, outward appearance is important, too. 

  • Some teens want to wear the latest name-brand fashions while others want their own fun look. Either way, as long as the dress in a modest way, respect their desire to experiment until they find the look they want. 
  • Consider asking your teens to earn money to buy their own clothes. In addition, teenagers will more than likely appreciate what they have when they do their own laundry and their own mending. 
  • A fun idea is to go to thrift stores or garage sales to shop for clothes together.
  • Another good rule is that, if clothes are not worn for a designated period of time, they need to be given to charity. Trading clothes with friends can also be fun.

Professional Help - Again, remember to put yourself in your child's place. If you had pimples when you were a teenager, you already realize how awful that is.

  • Of course, blemishes are often part of the teen years. Maybe your child has tried all of the over-the-counter acne remedies and has even tried toothpaste to clear up zits. If none of those home remedies have helped, it's time to find a dermatologist (such as one from Center Of Dermatology PC/Herschel E Stoller MD).
  • One important reason to see a dermatologist is that, if treated early enough, scarring can be prevented.
  • Consider getting the name of a dermatologist from a family member or a friend who has had success with one already. 
  • Does your dermatologist communicate well with you? She should be willing to tell you about her credentials and to take the time needed to explain all the treatments she is going to use. Ask your dermatologist why she is prescribing a particular medication. What are the side effects? How long will your child have to take the medication? When should you see results? What about followup appointments?

Congratulations on helping to build your child's self esteem.

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