How To Make Pillows On Your Sewing Machine

If you are a newbie to sewing, but you want to dive in and get started with your first project, then making pillows is a great idea. Not only will your pillows be functional and useful for you, but they will also be quite simple to make. Making these pillows will help you to learn how to use all of the different parts of the sewing machine, and will prepare you to learn how to sew more complicated projects in the future. This article will explain the basic steps for making pillows on your sewing machine. 

Step 1: Purchase Your Supplies

In order to create your very first pillow on the sewing machine, you are going to need to purchase a fabric that you love, thread that matches this fabric, stuffing for the pillow, and a pattern. Be sure to read over the pattern and see how much fabric you need per pillow, so that you can be sure to purchase enough. You will also need to purchase a sewing machine needle, a pair of scissors, and some sewing pins, if you don't already have these at home. 

Step 2: Get Cutting and Sewing

Once you get all of your supplies home, it is time to use your pattern and a pair of scissors to cut all of your material. As soon as this material is cut, you will want to turn it inside out, and pin it together. Be sure to place the pins around the entire outer area of the pillow that are somewhat way from the edges, because this is where you will be sewing the pillow together. You will then thread your bobbin with the thread that you purchased to match your fabric, and you can attach your sewing machine needle if it isn't already in place. Now you can begin to sew three of the pillow edges together. However, once you get to the fourth side, you are only going to want to sew it about halfway across, and then tie it off for the time being.

Step 3: Add Stuffing And Finish Up

Once you have sewn 3.5 corners of the pillow, it is time to turn your pillow right side out and add your stuffing through the small hole left in the fourth side of the pillow. Fill your pillow nice and full, and keep in mind that the stuffing is going to quickly become more flat within the pillow. Your pillow may look overstuffed at first, but it likely is not. Once you have your pillow totally stuffed, you can then use some sewing pins to close up the last side of the pillow, and then place it back on the sewing machine to sew it closed. Your first pillow is now finished, and you officially know how to use a sewing machine! Talk to places like Hi Fashion Sewing Machines for more information.

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