Are You Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo For Graduation?

Have you decided to get a tattoo to commemorate your high school years and your upcoming graduation? Perhaps you have always wanted a tattoo and have just been putting it off because you were a bit scared of the entire procedure. You might have waited because you thought having a tattoo was a bit unconventional or because your parents were hesitant to let you get one. Here are some things for you to consider that might help you to feel better prepared.

Tattoos In Today's Society  - Don't be surprised if you see a tattoo on your doctor, lawyer, teacher or other professionals with whom you associate. Even so, it might be a good idea to get your tattoo on a part of your body that won't show until you want it to. A shoulder, the lower part of your back, your chest or your tummy are all good choices.

Tattoos For Spiritual Reasons - You might have made promises to God that you never want to forget. A cross tattoo might remind you of that covenant. Perhaps you want to be reminded of how to act at all times. In that case, the familiar quote asking what Jesus Christ would do might lead you to simply have the initials WWJD as your tattoo. A footstep tattoo would be a lovely reminder that you should follow in the footsteps of Christ and of the twelve disciples. A tattoo doesn't change who you are, but it can be a reminder to yourself of what you stand for.

Tattoos For Art's Sake - Some people see their body as one blank canvas that needs to be adorned. If you fall into that category, you have many choices to make. Be sure you want to keep the tattoo before you ask for a design with many colors in it. Are you wanting the tattoo of a rainbow, a flower, or something else found in nature? Those tattoos are all available along with many more.

Tattoos As A Memorial - Perhaps you lost a beloved friend or family member during your high school years and you want a permanent reminder of your times spent together. A tattoo from a place like Jimi's Tattoo & Body Piercing will be with you forever, just as your memories of that person will linger in your heart.

Try It First - If you're not 100 % sure that you really want a tattoo, consider getting a design using henna ink. Henna ink is temporary, but it will last long enough to let you know if you want the real thing. Another consideration is to use sharpies for your design. Use all the colors you want and know that it will last for about a month.

Whatever the reason for you getting a tattoo at a place like Jimi's Tattoo & Body Piercing , consider going with a friend to get one. That will create a memory, too.

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