How To Get More Requests As A Hair Stylist

When you work at a hair salon, you might find yourself without any clients. You're fresh out of hair school, such as Cannella School of Hair Design, and the existing clients simply request the other stylists who they are familiar with. When you do get a customer, you might be wondering how you can get your customer back into the stylist chair again and again. To do so, you need to know the reasons for why customers request certain stylists in the first place.

Introduce Yourself

Even if your customer can see your name tag, be sure to use your name when introducing yourself. Give your customer your card after the appointment. Give advice on how often the customer should get his or her hair cut and schedule the next appointment. Some customers may want you again, but simply forgot your name.


Customers are often particular in how they want their hair styled. If you can produce the same appealing result consistently, customers will begin to request you simply because they will know what to expect. If your customer wants to try something new, you can try experimenting. But if the customer asks for the usual, you will need to be able to produce the same result.

Advice On Trends

Some customers come to their stylists for advice on the latest hair trends. The best way to send the message that you follow current hair style trends is to wear these styles yourself. Subscribe to magazines and follow blogs by the most influential hair stylists. Then, if your customer comes in looking for advice, you can give a substantive opinion that will demonstrate yourself as a hair expert and will help your customer trust you. There's nothing more frustrating than a stylist who can't give advice on how a customer should change his or her hair style to suit his or her face.


Some customers are not talkative, but there are others that see a stylist simply because they know the stylist will keep the conversation flowing. Building a personal relationship will make it hard for your customer to see another stylist. Most customers love talking about themselves, so asking questions can give the customer an opportunity to unload on his or her problems or passions. Also, by spending most of your time listening, it is also easier to focus on what you are doing. Also, make sure to ask open ended questions that force the customer to give more than a yes or no answer. Rather than ask "are you doing anything this weekend," ask "what are you doing this weekend?"

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