Become A Pro At Putting Your Contacts In

If you have a new prescription for contacts then you may pick your contacts up from the optometrist's office. If you do, then a staff member will quickly show you how to put the contacts in. However, once you get home you may find you have a difficult time getting them in again. If you have ordered your contacts to be delivered to your house, then you won't have anyone show you how to put them in. This article will offer you step-by-step instructions for putting the contacts in and offer you tips for making it easier.

Start with clean hands and contacts

Wash and rinse your hands well. You don't want any dirt or soap getting on the contacts or it will sting and burn, as well as make it very difficult for you to tolerate having the contacts in your eyes. Clean off the contacts with plenty of solution and by carefully rubbing them with your fingers.

Prepare the contacts

Once the contacts are rinsed off completely, take one on the tip of your middle finger and make sure it doesn't flare out a bit around the edges. If it does, then it's inside out and needs to be flipped the other way.

Fill the contact half way up with wetting solution. If you put too much solution in then it will cause the edges of the lens to collapse. If you don't put enough in, then it will be a little more uncomfortable putting the contact in.

Put the contacts in your eyes

Lean forward, bringing your head to the contact so the solution doesn't leak out. Use the thumb and middle fingers on your other hand to pull your eyelids as open as possible and slowly move the contact toward your eye.

A trick to making it easier to get the contact in is to slightly look toward your nose while putting the contact in. This way, the contact will go more on the white of your eye and since this part is less sensitive to touch this will be easier on you. As soon as the contact is in your eye, it will adjust on its own, so it will end up on the right part of your eye after you blink.

Following the advice here is going to help you to get your contacts in your eyes easily. Once you get used to putting them in, it will be something you can do without thought. For assistance, talk to your optometrist.

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