3 Tips For Taking Your Animal-Print Sundress From Tacky To Trendy

Have you ordered an animal-print sundress online only to find it's a little too loud for your taste once it arrives? If so, don't return it or donate it to charity just yet. Here are 3 ways to take an animal-print sundress from tacky to trendy.

Go With Neutral Accessories

If you're trying to pair your animal-print sundress with a matching purse and shoes, you're creating chaos. Animal prints look best when they're minimized. Instead of accessorizing your leopard-print sundress with other leopard-print components, try keeping all of your accessories neutral in color. A black or brown pair of shoes and handbag could make all the difference in whether you look like a jungle cat or a fierce, fashionable woman in your new sundress.

Add A Basic Belts

A one-piece sundress that's made entirely of animal-print fabric can definitely be a bit too busy on the eyes. Break up the look by adding a belt to the ensemble. If you've got a very petite or very curvy frame, opt for a thin belt -- thick belts will take up too much of your waist and look awkward. If you've got a long waist or torso, however, then a thin belt won't be very noticeable and you should opt for a thick one instead. If you're not sure whether you'd be classified as having a long or short torso, look for a belt that's about 1 1/2 inch wide; this middle-of-the-line thickness works for most body types.

Buy A Bright Blazer

You would think adding bright colors to an animal-print outfit would make the outfit more flamboyant, but the opposite is actually true as long as it's done correctly. By adding a brightly colored blazer to your animal-print sundress, you detract the eye from the animal print and tone down your look.

You should know, though, that not every bright color looks good with every animal print. If your dress is leopard print, you'll want to find a red, orange, green, or blue blazer to match it. Red, blue, and orange colors also work well with zebra stripes, while snakeskin prints look best with yellow, blue, green, and pink jackets.

If you ordered an animal-print sundress only to find out that it's a little too loud for your liking, try one or more of the fashion tips above. If you don't have a fun sundress, now is a great time to visit an online retailer like So Heather so you can try out one of these fun looks.

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