Faqs About Virgin Hair For Newbies

Newbies to wearing weaves will find that there are a wide range of choices when it comes to hair extensions. If you are looking for a long-lasting hairstyle though, virgin hair might be the best choice. Before heading to your local beauty supply store, here is what you need to know about virgin hair. 

What Is Virgin Hair?

Normally, hair that is used for weave goes through processing. During processing, the hair is sometimes straightened, dyed, permed, and cut to make it easier to install. The idea is for the hair to look as uniform as possible. 

By contrast, virgin hair is not processed. After it is collected from donors, it is washed and packaged according to color and length. The strands of the hair tend to be thicker than the hair that has been processed. 

Why Choose Virgin Hair?

There are many reasons to choose virgin hair, including the lifespan of the hair. Since the hair has not been through any processing, it usually lasts longer. When hair is processed, it tends to become weaker and dries out quicker. As a result, it does not last as long and can start to shed when you have to style it. 

Virgin hair also gives you more options for styling your hair. Processed hair does not easily accept dye and can be difficult to straighten and curl. When dyeing the hair, it is often slightly off the desired shade. However, virgin hair is easier to straighten, curl, and dye. The hair is usually more accepting of the dye and offers far better results. 

How Can You Spot the Differences in Hair?

When buying virgin hair, you need to be careful that you do not inadvertently purchase processed hair. When you become more experienced in the differences, you should be able to differentiate between virgin and processed hair by looking at it. Until then, there are a couple of tests you can use to verify you are buying virgin hair. 

One of the easiest is to smell the hair. When you sniff processed hair, you can detect a whiff of the chemicals that were used on it. Since the hair is in plastic packaging, the smell is very noticeable when you open it. Virgin hair should not have any odors emitting from it. 

Another way to check the hair is to look at the cuticles. If there are none on the hair, you are most likely dealing with processed hair. The cuticles are usually removed during an acid bath in processing. However, virgin hair does have cuticles. Run your fingers over the hair. If you feel some resistance, there are cuticles present and the hair is virgin. Talk to a retailer, like Beauty Exchange, for more help.

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