Pedicures And Diabetes: A Few Tips For Staying Safe

If you are like most women, a trip to the spa for a massage, manicure, and pedicure is a well-deserved reward after a long week. Unfortunately, if you have diabetes, a pedicure can be dangerous. Chronically high blood sugar can cause nerve damage in your feet, so you do not feel when there is a problem. A small nick or cut may go unnoticed and become infected. This can lead to serious complications and possibly even amputation of the toe or foot. Here are a few tips to keep your feet safe so you can enjoy a pedicure while at the salon.

Take Your Own Tools

One of the biggest problems with a pedicure is getting an infection from unclean tools. Even if the salon tries to always keep things clean, if the previous client had some type of germ or bacteria, it is best if your feet do not come in contact with it. A simple way to avoid this is to take your own tools. You can pick up a nail kit and the color of polish you want to take with you to the salon. It would be best to buy an inexpensive kit and just replace it for each visit.

Inform the Technician You Have Diabetes

One of the first things you should do, before even sitting in the chair, is let the technician know you have diabetes. Ask him or her to be careful with your feet. Ask to have the nails smoothly rounded, not squared off or with any sharp edges. You do not want to end up cutting or scratching yourself accidentally.

Do Not Have Your Cuticles Cut

Have your cuticles pushed back with an orange stick after soaking your feet instead of having them cut. It is a good idea to avoid having things done that may cut your skin. Do not have your nails cut too short-- the technician could accidentally nick part of the skin when cutting them short.

Diabetes is not a reason to have to skip the pedicure part of a day at the spa. However, you do need to be careful. Remember, as a diabetic, your skin does not heal as readily as everyone else's. If your sugar is running high, or your feet are tingling with neuropathy, make the appointment for another day. Take a few extra days to get your sugar under control and then go and spoil yourself a bit. Contact a company like Adevia SpaSalon for more information.

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