Basic Natural Hair Wig Care Tips To Follow

Owning a natural hair wig gives you the opportunity to change your hairstyle in a flash while still having a natural look. Caring for your wig properly can help those gorgeous tresses last longer and can give you confidence wherever you go. Here are some basic care tips for a natural (human) hair wig that you can follow.


You want to wash your wig regularly to avoid product buildup that can make your tresses appear dull and be difficult to manage. Take your wig off and gently run the hair under warm (not hot) water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the roots and massage the cleansing agent down to the tips. Rinse thoroughly and follow with a conditioner, leaving the conditioning agent on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Wash and rinse your wig as often as you would your traditional hair if you wear your wig daily or every few weeks or months if you wear it more sparingly.


Whether you are drying your wig after washing or placing your wig in storage, the straighter you can keep those strands, the better. It's best to have a wired mannequin head stand to place your wig on so it can keep its shape best. When drying, place your wig on its stand and use a blow dryer on a cool setting to thoroughly dry the hair and its base. For basic storage, align the hair on the stand and comb out the wig so there are no tangles. Keep your wig in a dry, cool area away from sunlight to avoid altering the color of the hair. Sun can cause highlights in human hair wigs just like traditional hair.


You can wear your natural hair wig in nearly any way you want. You can curl, straighten, blow dry, and even swim in your wig, much like you can your traditional hair. Just make sure you cleanse all beauty products out of your hair prior to putting it back into storage and never cut your wig on your own. You can accidentally expose the base of the wig or make the hair uneven, which can potentially ruin your beautiful tresses. If you want to change your wig's style, take it to a professional stylist just like you would for your own hair. 

Owning a natural hair wig gives you the freedom to change your style whenever you wish. Basic wig care can help yours last for many years. For more information, contact local professionals like Muldoon Beauty Supply.

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